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Keeping It Natural

Protecting The Original Reproductive Seeds of Life

Welcome to KIN an organization dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of GMO'S (genetically modified organisms) and raising funds that will go towards all means necessary to bring the production and use of GMO'S to a stop.

We will also be involved with guarding mother earth and all of her creatures and plants, in the end this protects all future human offspring.

Please be aware that we all grow from the womb of the Earth and if she is compromised and toxic YOU will be compromised and toxic also.

Look into the eyes of the future in the logo.

If it makes you squirm you are not doing enough to protect your planet and our most important natural resource the ever bearing god given seed

When you can look into the eyes of the future and are at peace because you know you have done all you can to protect our god given seeds is when positive change will happen.

We all have to do this as a collective mind and people.

You can do something, anything no matter how small will bring about positive results.

I thank you for any effort you made to protect the future of mankind.

Doing all you can involves calling all government officials with your demands and concerns. It involves hounding your news stations and sharing what you know with all your friends and family.

Since our government is run on greed driven votes you may be required to send a little cash to natural organizations you are comfortable with so that they can become the organizations with the most clout.

We as a people can raise more money and be more powerful than Monsanto and we have to do it!!!

Monsanto and other companies like it have already destroyed 90% of all natural ever bearing seeds.

Only 10 percent are left.

( they are trying to make it illegal to be in possession of natural seeds)

God gave us ever bearing fruitful seeds to feed us eternally.

Monsanto seeds grow a fruit with a barren seed inside.

They must plant a new GMO seed after the growing season. Their crops over take natural seeds and make them extinct.

We have to stop this or we will have to buy our seeds from Monsanto who will charge big money for their nasty seeds.

I hope you can see the danger in this.

This organization wants to replace the fruit of the Earth which god gave us for free to use for free to their own seed which must be bought.

He who rules the food supply rules the world.

Make sure it is you and your family that maintains control of the planet by insuring the productivity and use of the natural and ever bearing seed.

Our Seeds must always be naturally reproducing as our creator God intended and we must always have free access to them.

Join the cause to preserve and protect all of our natural seeds and wild life today!

Please take a moment to read our story by clicking on my image provided below. You will find you have stumbled upon a very wise woman who is assisting in helping people in very profound ways, including educating on the MTHFR gene disorder and how to live well with it.

I have developed all of the natural products offered on my products page to assist you in restoring your hair, health and to be pain and alcohol addiction free.

Thank you for your visit with me.