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Keeping It Natural

Protecting The Original Reproductive Seeds of Life

Our Story

My name is Margaret M. Gegenheimer. I am a certified holistic health consultant, researcher of natural healing modalities, author of 3 books, teacher and public speaker.

In the past 25 years I have gained a wealth of knowledge that has enabled me to assist people in restoring their body, their mind and their spirit quickly and efficiently.

Feeling Divine Enterprises deals with the energy body for the most part.I have a free class room there you should visit that will open your mind to a whole new way of seeing things.

Simple Steps to Greatness teaches all about the power of your mind, thought and intentions.

Holy Cow Hair and Body Care teaches you about the root cause to balding and most all disease and how to quickly reverse it nutritionally and topically. is for the alcoholic and people with auto immune disorders and nearly most all disease. It teaches about the root cause to disease and alcoholism which is yeast. I explain how the system gets out of balance and how to restore it. I also teach how to live well with the MTHFR gene disorder.

I have two grown children in their 20s and I spend my days educating people on how to be well and happy, saving our planet, our species, our bees, wild life and seeds.

Thank you for you visit to this site and the other sites I have prepared for you.

I do not accept donations here. Should you want to support me in my life's work you may do so in the store at by clicking on the shield.